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Round IV : Jul 06 - 07, 2024


Eventing event: SJF - BaO Prix

Within Round III of the RS Team TROPHY, we decided for the first time to organize an eventing show in our venue, which will take place on June 7-9th 2024. You can find the schedule HERE. Please send your entries by email to: info@rsteamtrophy.sk. We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

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Dressage event: SJF - BaO Prix

We have also added a dressage event to our calendar. The event will take place on June 7th, 2024. You can find the schedule HERE. Please send your entries by e-mail to our address: info@rsteamtrophy.sk. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Preliminary Start Lists

RS Team TROPHY 2024

The 2024 event schedule has been punlished.

Welcome :)

Welcome to the site providing information about the RS Team TROPHY - a series of showjumping events.

EquiStyle Cup

A series of showjumping events for children and juniors organized as part of RS Team TROPHY 2024 consisting of two CUPs:  
  • EQUISTYLE CUP for children
  • EQUISTYLE CUP for juniors
  The series consists of 5 qualifying rounds and a Final. A riding combination can compete in any number of individually evaluated rounds throughout the year. In each round EQUISTYLE vouchers will be awarded. The CUP winner will be decided in a two-round Final on 9/28/2024 (1st round) and 9/29/2024 (2nd round). In this two-round Final, riding combinations will start from scratch. To participate in the Final, the riding combination must complete at least 4 qualifying rounds without disqualification. The rider is only entitled to one prize in the final evaluation of the series.  The partner of EQUISTYLE CUP is EQUISTYLE and JK Alexandria. For more info please contact the organizer.


A special series of equitation classes  for riders - beginners / amateurs. The classes are open to riders who meet the following criteria:
  • The rider did not participate in 1.30m and higher classes in the past 3 years (2020-2023) 
  • The rider holds a license issued by the Slovak National Federation   
  The series consists of 7 rounds - individual clasess. The partner of Leomax TROPHY is Leomax who will reward the first 6 riders of each round in kind. For more info please contact the organizer.

Ranking by Horse Services

RS Team TROPHY has its own RANKING again, partnered by Horse Services! All riding combinations (regardless of their level of performance) that take part in the qualifying rounds and the final round are automatically included. The Ranking by Horse Services will be updated after each round. In the finals, the top three riding combinations who score the most points during the season will be awarded. Points are awarded for performance and placement, taking into account the number of competitors in the competition. Riding combinations earn points for each competition they participate in during RS Team TROPHY 2024. Good luck! The OC reserves the right to make changes if the course of the competition so requires.

MobyDick Cup

The show jumping series for PONY riders will take place within the RS Team TROPHY 2024 series and will consist of two cup competitions:
  • MOBYDICK Cup for PONY cat. A  
  • MOBYDICK Cup for PONY cat. B
"MOBYDICK CUP" consists of 5 qualifying rounds and a Final round. Each round will be evaluated separately. The results achieved in the individual rounds will be sumed up in the overall total for the riding combinations. The riding combination with the highest number of points achieved will win the entire series. Only riding combinations who completed at least one qualifying round will be entitled to participate the Final round. The qualifying rounds will take place at ZLP level (60cm for Pony A and 70cm for Pony B). The Final round will take place at LP level (70cm for Pony A and 80cm for Pony B). Riding combinations must meet the following criteria:
  • the rider holds SJF showjumping license
  • the pony's height must be properly recorded in the horse's passport 
Individual rounds will be properly marked in the schedules of the RS Team TROPHY events, held in the RS Team Bratislava - Záhorská Bystrica area. The prizes for the competition will be in kind and will be provided by MOBYDICK. Prizes will consist of product packages for the first six riding combinations. Only riding combinations who participate in the Final round are entitled to prizes. The organizer reserves the right for changes if the course of the competition requires so.